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Who we are : A Solid experience team  with professional affirming  at pharma business domain gained through market engagement  since 2005 over the MENA region , in addition the required set up  skills, networking  and establishment connections with  the key Decision  makers over the pharma Industry .. More

MSM. ®
MSM® as “ Formula “ believed to be a key factor behind the amazing clinical results. It immediately helps relief symptoms assigned with arthritis, sore joints & muscle ache, stimulates blood circulation In muscles & connecting tissues, Thanks to its unique Time Tested Formula. On the Tissue level it , this mechanism of action simply remove waste and toxins while allows nutrients , oxygen and liquid enter which basically lead to swollen muscles tissue works normally.

Burdock root:

  • Burdock root Is a biennial plant, native to Africa, Europe, and Asia.
  • Where its unique oil is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids.
  • This unique plant provide to have an anti-inflammatory activity, which helps relieving arthritic and muscle pain.